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  • Veronika Evdokimova

    Thanks administration, I work here for the second month. It's a pity that only once a week it is possible...

  • Kristi

    Everything works, thank you very much, I recommend you to everyone

  • Vika Tarushina

    The site did not work yesterday, it turns out that I had problems with the Internet, thanks to the technical support service, they helped to clarify a problem

  • Vera Pavlova

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  • Raisa

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  • Marina Kokova

    if there are many people, this topic will be closed immediately... Although I think it will be working for a time, serious guys works here

  • Kirill Rudnik

    Why is the money being transferred so long?!? It came only in 15 min, although it was promised immediately

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    I tried many different services, finally a real site with real earnings. All super thanks!!!!

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